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Jada Didn’t Like Lil Kim & 2Pacs Character In Notorious

Posted By on May 8, 2009

    In a recent interview, New York rapper Jadakiss discussed everything from Auto-Tune and Rap Beefs to the way Lil Kim, 2 Pac and BIG were portrayed in the recent "Notorious" film. "Everybody don’t gotta use the Autotune… I’m proof in the pudding baby. You seen the first week numbers. Mighta did more with it, but look what I did without it," Jada says. [watch here]

    When it came to the movie, Kiss says "I like the scenes [Notorious], I like particular scenes. It did bring back memories and give me goosebumps. It made me feel like I was there again. I liked pretty much the whole movie." [watch here] Jada went on to say "What I didn’t like was Lil’ Kim’s character and Pac’s character. Pac’s character [Anthony Mackie] didn’t look like Pac. And he didn’t come across like Pac, to me. I didn’t know Pac like that but just through his music, I didn’t like that character. But that’s just my opinion… They didn’t give you too much Lil’ Kim, they gave you straight Queen Bee. I didn’t think that was fair to her. She was a beautiful young lady, she still is. Before she turned into Queen Bee, she was Lil’ Kim. They were suppose to show her make the transition instead of showing her so raunchy like that." [watch here]

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Jadakiss Talks BIG, 2Pac & Lil Kim's Portrayl In Notorious