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Weed & Heroin Found At Jadakiss House

Posted By on August 25, 2009

    Two "associates" of Jadakiss were arrested yesterday (August 24th) after being busted with six pounds of weed, five grams of heroin and even $42,000 in cash. One man, Gabriel R. Henriquez (39), had a room in Jadakiss' leased apartment in waterfront Yonkers, where the money and drugs were found. Police smelled pot coming from the car of Alberto Lajara (25, the other man arrested) then qhile questioning the men, they ran from the car.

    After catching the men, they learned that one was staying with Jadakiss so they quickly obtained a search warrant and searched his room. Henriquez was charged with three felonies: second-degree criminal possession of marijuana, third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and second-degree assault. He was also hit with second-degree obstruction of governmental administration, which is a misdemeanor. Lajara got much lesser charges, fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.