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Jadakiss Says Dont Kiss My Ass

Posted By on October 28, 2008

    Jadakiss has decided to change the title of his upcoming album to "The Last Kiss" after getting negative feedback for the first title he had "Kiss My Ass." In a recent video [watch here] Jadakiss confirmed that he was forced to change the title. "I had to change the name of my album. Kiss My Ass wasn't testing well at retail," he admitted. "Not even with the exclamations or none of that. So we had to switch it to The Last Kiss." [watch here]

    Jadakiss also addressed rumors that he was retiring saying "Some people asked me is it my last album, nah, it's just, the first album was Kiss The Game Good-Bye, the second one was The Kiss of Death so this one was The Last Kiss," Jada explained. [watch here] "It's the closing of a trilogy. It's the last time I'm going to name one of my albums, it's the last time "Kiss" is going to be in the album titles." [watch here]. The Last Kiss is currently scheduled to drop Tuesday, December 9 on Def Jam.

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