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Jay-Z Mashes Up With Radiohead

Posted By on January 5, 2009

    Jay-Z seems to be the kind of "mash-ups" as Jigga was recently combined with Radiohead to create the "Jaydiohead" album. The new album from DJ Minty Fresh Beats combines Jay-Z's "Black" and "American Gangster" albums with multiple albums from Radiohead. Check out "99 Anthems" [listen here] and "Dirty Off Your Android" [listen here], two songs off the mixtape.

    In related news, Jay-Z was also recently combined with Coldplay to create the top mixtape of 2007 titled "Viva La Hova." Other mash-up's from Jigga include the "White" album (Jay-Z combined with The Beatles) and the official album "Collision Course," a mash up with Linkin Park. You can download the new "Jaydiohead" mixtape at jaydiohead.com