Jay-Z Perfects Touring & Performance Skills

Jay-Z Perfects Touring & Performance Skills

     Hip Hop Mogul and rapper Jay-Z recently talked about his new project, the album which will be the follow up to his "Blueprint 3" album. Stating that he will get to work on the new project soon as his current tour is over, Jay-Z said he is currently perfecting his touring and performance skills. "Maybe after I finish [the 'BP3'] tour I'll start another album," Jay-Z told the AP when asked about future work, adding, "Maybe at the end of the year. We'll see if the inspiration hits me."

     Jigga went on to say "I've been working on my live show for 10 years now, just trying to get it better and better. I used to come out with just a DJ, now I got a band. The production's gotten bigger and the lighting guy takes off his shoes and he plays to the beat," he laughs. "The whole thing is being upgraded every single year."


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