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Jay-Z Records Verse For New Sade Remix

Posted By on March 24, 2011

     Rapper Jay-Z will finally get a collaboration with R&B singer Sade as he will record a verse for a new remix of her "Moon & The Sky" track (listen to the original below) for the new "Ultimate Collection" double disc album.

Sade, who took a decade-long hiatus before 2010's Grammy-winning comeback 'Soldier of Love,' is back with a new hits album, and Jay-Z has put his stamp on it. 'The Ultimate Collection' double-disc includes classic, whispery Sade tunes alongside three new cuts. Jay-Z appears on the new remix for 'Moon & the Sky,' which originally appeared on 'Soldier of Love.' (The Boom Box)

Sade – "Moon & The Sky" (Original)