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Mr. Hudson Works With Jigga On Blueprint 3

Posted By on May 18, 2009

    Mr. Hudson, also known as Kanye West's new artist, recently talked about going from singing to put food on the table to now going on tour with Kanye West and working with Jay-Z. [watch here] When Kanye told Mr. Hudson that he would be on not one, but three songs on Jigga's upcoming "Blueprint 3" album, Hudson replied "Am I?" Kanye said "Yeah, well, you have, like, a few."  Hudson went on to say "The song ‘Forever Young’ is incredible, and I want you to do a few more. I want you to do the chorus for ‘She’s Like That All the Time.’ Just outright do the chorus.” [watch here]

    Mr. Hudson talked about people saying he doest deserve what he's getting, Hudson replied "[People think] ‘He got invited to Hawaii and now he’s on these records.’ I used to sing for my supper in a pizza restaurant in SoHo. I got 50 quid, a bottle of wine or two and a pizza. I learned my chops, so that’s why I have the confidence now to go onstage in front of 50,000 people and do what I do, because I’ve been waiting long enough." [watch here]

Mr. Hudson talks about working with Jay-Z On Blueprint 3

  • Real Talk

    She’s too old to be a lessy


    Album Is good For Going To Sleep Too! Def Not One of Hovas Best

  • ursocalledgod

    sooooo he DID give hime 20 million..smh an advance is just like a loan and it came out of rock nations / jays pockets. he never said he gifted him anything.