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Jay-Z & Diddy Pissed Over Michael Jackson Cover

Posted By on July 2, 2009

    Jay-Z and Diddy are reportedly "furious" over the recent "OK!" Magazine that featured Michael Jackson being rushed to the hospital. Although Jigga's camp hasn't confirmed, a rep for Diddy said that OK! magazine using that cover would effect their advertising relationship. "Media buyers have canceled upcoming meetings to discuss rates. It's a disgrace. They've sunk to a new low." In addition, Sean Combs and Jay-Z are said to be so furious, "they're organizing a boycott," according to our source.

    OK! magazine reacted to the stories through a rep who said "This is untrue. No one at OK! has been contacted about any such cancellations as a result of the magazine's coverage of this news event. Any pages booked by the advertising team are running as scheduled." Diddy's rep immediately reacting saying "Not true."

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    She’s too old to be a lessy


    Album Is good For Going To Sleep Too! Def Not One of Hovas Best

  • ursocalledgod

    sooooo he DID give hime 20 million..smh an advance is just like a loan and it came out of rock nations / jays pockets. he never said he gifted him anything.