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Jay-Z Confirms & Gives Details On New Books

Posted By on July 14, 2009

    As we reported last week, Jay-Z is close to signing a deal in which the rapper would release three new books. Jigga confirmed the story and even said the first book would be titled "Decoded." Although he didn't give many details, HOV did hint at what fans could expect from his first book.

    "Yeah, the other two books though, you know I had to sign that deal," Jay-Z confirmed in an interview with V103. "I've done the deal to do a book and the name of it is called Decoded. It's called Decoded because I'm going to decode all the lyrics from my records. I'm gonna pick the select ones, all the double entendres and things that people may have missed or may have gotten but want confirmation on it. That's what the book is about, it's called Decoded."