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Jay Z Is Angie Martinez’s First Guest On Power 105

Posted By on July 18, 2014

Jay Z Is Angie Martinez’s First Guest On Power 105

Angie Martinez recently decided to leave her job at Hot 97 to move to their rival station Power 105 and her first guest on her show at the new job was music mogul, Jay Z, who called in to the show to give the radio personality an encouraging message.

Jay Z called in to Power 105 to speak with Martinez and gave her some words of wisdom about her decision to move on from Hot 97.

“I really believe that what you are about to accomplish in the next phase of your life will dwarf everything that you’ve ever done,” he said. “Because, that’s what people who are great do. You’re not termed ‘the voice of New York’ for no reason. You’re an institution in radio. That’s a pretty special feat to accomplish.” (HipHopDX)

Listen to the full audio of Jay Z‘s phone call to Angie Martinez below.

  • Real Talk

    She’s too old to be a lessy


    Album Is good For Going To Sleep Too! Def Not One of Hovas Best

  • ursocalledgod

    sooooo he DID give hime 20 million..smh an advance is just like a loan and it came out of rock nations / jays pockets. he never said he gifted him anything.