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Jay-Z Talks Spike & Rocawear Ad

Posted By on August 13, 2009

     Jay-Z has confirmed reports that Spike Lee will direct the Rocawear 10th Anniversary advertisement that is being filmed and even went on to explain the concept behind it. Besides giving you some information on the advertisement's feel, he goes on to praise Spike Lee as a director.

     "The commercial is about Rocawear, what we meant to the culture and the aspiration to maintain and be around for 10 years," Jay revealed in an interview. "So this guy, he's in advertisement, and he's in Rocawear, and he goes through the day as if he's Jay-Z. He looks out the window, in his mind — because he's aspiring to make his own Rocawear — there's a group of people outside and they're waving to him. As he walks away, reality sets in. Someone looks out the window, and no one's out there. He gets on the elevator, and he's thinking people are asking him for autographs; no one's there. He's on his way to building his empire, but he has Rocawear on, and that's a start. So he feels as if he's successful already…Spike Lee is one of the most important directors of our time…He gave us a voice and perspective in Do the Right Thing that touched on racial relations in Brooklyn and all these movies we grew up on that were so important to our growth."