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Jay Says Jim Jones Is Like Soulja Boy

Posted By on September 3, 2009

    Jay-Z knows how to throw jabs, even when they aren't direct. In a new interview with XXL Magazine, Jay-Z talks about being followed by both the old and the young fans of hip hop. "Like I said, if the genre needs the game to be stretched out, ‘cause you have those guys who are 35 years old trying to make smiley face or whatever, competing with Soulja Boy."

    When it's pointed out that Jigga is referring to a Trey Songz and Soulja Boy song called "LoL" (or "Smiley Face"), Jay-Z compares the song to the new "Na Na Nana Na" by Jim Jones. "It’s not funny though. [Laughs] I mean, like Jim Jones, for example. And I don’t mean this because we never see eye to eye. He made "Na Na Nana Na." [Laughs] What’s the difference between "Smiley Face" and "Na Na Nana Na"? Na Na Nana Na” could’ve been called "Smiley Face" [Sings] I got the smiley face, Na Na Nana Na."