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Jay-Z & Alicia Keys To Perform At World Series

Posted By on October 26, 2009

    Jay-Z and Alicia Keys have been tapped to perform their "Empire State Of Mind" track during Game one of the Major League Baseball World Series this week in New York. "Just Confirmed: Jay Z and Alicia Keys will sing Empire State of Mind at Yankee Stadium for Game 1 of the World Series @burbetto @zeke_thomas," inside source Matt Strombelline reported on Friday (October 23) on his Twitter. [Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Shoot "Empire State Of Mind Video – Watch Here]

    In related news, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna's "Run This Town" track took over New York's radio airwaves earlier this month to become Z100's official Yankee's main anthem. "This song is not false bravado because the Yankees are really good this year," said David Brody, executive producer of "Elvis Duran and The Morning Show," who penned the parody. Fans were buzzing over the spoof, repeatedly requesting to hear it on the air – the only place it's available. "The responses have been tremendous," said Brody, who's really a Met fan. "Obviously, Yankee fever is big right now." [Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Perform "Empire State Of Mind At The VMAs – Watch Here]


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    She’s too old to be a lessy


    Album Is good For Going To Sleep Too! Def Not One of Hovas Best

  • ursocalledgod

    sooooo he DID give hime 20 million..smh an advance is just like a loan and it came out of rock nations / jays pockets. he never said he gifted him anything.