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MC Hammer Goes After Jay-Z In New Video

Posted By on November 1, 2010

     MC Hammer has made it official by putting out a full length music video going after Jay-Z called "Better Run Run." The new visual features Hammer taunting Jay-Z with lookalikes and multiple references. "Yo Jay I gotta reason to doubt, if I knock on your door would you come on out? "If I knock on your door that mean I'm knockin' you out, if I knock on your door boy I'll bust you in ya mouth," Hammer says.

     At the end of the track, MC Hammer offers Jay-Z a religious rescue at the video's end.

The video features a masked figure chasing a Jay-Z look-a-like being chased through the words by a devil. On the track, Hammer continues to insinuate that "Jay Hova" worships the devil and needs to find God. He even takes small shot at Beyonce Knowles. "The Devil said 'I'll give you the world' 'I'll take it plus give me a girl. Mister devil can you give a sign he said throw the rock up, that's one of mine'" During the 5-minute video, Hammer berates Jay-Z and threatens to "knock him out." At the end of the video, Hammer, who is an ordained minister, catches the Jay-Z look-a-like and baptizes him. (All Hip Hop)

MC Hammer – Better Run Run