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MC Hammer Continues To Slam Jay-Z

Posted By on November 5, 2010

      MC Hammer continues to slam Jay-Z, this time be respondin to Jigga dening he had an intenion to spark a beef with MC Happer over the "So Appalled" track.

"@MercedesRay320 Big Play Ray.. I already won. I addressed a man that most men fear. Used him as a warning to others. And checked him too..," Hammer tweeted Thursday (November 4).
"Nothing worse than a Spineless Man (ask any woman) .. I ReBuke Weakness.."Why you gett'n at J" .. Shut up 'Gurly Men'.. govenator lol"
"He Blindsided me with "So Appalled" and now he "wines" me with his new book.. Sean Carter is a genius.. But don't sleep on me .." (MC Hammer's Twitter)


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