Jay-Z: How He Changed The Game (Video)

Jay-Z: How He Changed The Game (Video)

     As we mentioned yesterday, Jay-Z was the focus of the recent new episode of the "Game Changers" series on Bloomberg television. In the show they discuss Jigga's rise "from the street corner to the corner office" by detailing his early years, the rise of his "Roc-A-Fella" label, becoming the president of Def Jam Records and his huge deal with Live Nation.

     The show includes commentary from Steve Stoute, Barry Michael Cooper, author Jake Brown, Mr. Cee, Jaz-O, Lyor Cohen and even Jay-Z’s 6th grade teacher.

Jay-Z – On Bloomberg's "Game Changers" (1of2)


Jay-Z – On Bloomberg's "Game Changers" (2of2)


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