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DJ Clue Leaks New Jay-Z Song, Rumors Of New Blueprint Album Start, Listen To It Here

Posted By on January 31, 2008

Wednesday night, a new Jay-Z track, "Ain't I", produced by Timbaland, leaked onto the internet. Rumors started to spread about Jay preparing a 3rd edition of the Blueprint series. The leaked track includes drops from DJ Clue in which he says "Off that Blueprint 3", and will most likely be on Clue's new mixtape in his Desert Storm Series. MTV is reporting that a rep for Jay-Z says the track is old and just didn't make a previous album. Even though the rep is saying Jay hasn't indicated any want to put out an album anytime soon, the lyrics he says in the track seem to reference recent remarks by Def Jam artists like Beanie Sigel, like “I took a pay cut to become a exec/So the next motherfucker can earn his pay check/And even though these niggas talk greasy ‘bout me/Ask these niggas how they gonna eat without me.”

Listen To Jay-Z's Track "Ain't I", Click Here.