Jay-Z Continues War With Dipset

Jay-Z Continues War With Dipset

Jay-Z has just taken another shot at Dipset via a song on Tru Life's new mixtape, "Tru York."

The cover features Tru at the center with Jim Jones wearing a neon green thong at his left and Cam'ron sporting a blond wig, red lipstick and a colorful dress on the right. As SOHH previously reported on Ya Heard, Hov appears on the tape's intro, presenting Tru over triumphant horns.

"If you're fucking tired of your favorite rapper lying to you, allow me to introduce you to Tru Life," Hov says in the intro. "For instance. If somebody tell you that Hov got hit with a bottle…somebody lying to him or he's lying to ya'll. If a nigga tell you 100 thousand the first week is a success and in the very same breath act like 700 thousand in seven days is a brick… if ya'll tired of living like that shit, allow me to introduce you, Tru Life."

The intro ends with Jigga throwing a few subminal jabs in. Though he abstains from naming his targets, his references are clearly aimed at the Dips.

"A lot of rappers be yapping to us/Cause when we see them it don't be nothing/no knife and scrappin no buckin," Jay offers.

Tru Life's "Tru York" hosted by J-Love is out now. [Listen to the track here]

In related news, AOL has taken Lil Wayne's comments about Hov and spun it into their own poll. "Face Off: Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne" pits the two MCs and asks fans to vote for their favorite.

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