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Jermaine Dupri Gets Da Brat For New Song

Posted By on April 15, 2011

     Leading So So Def, Jermaine Dupri has a never-ending lis of things to get done but this week, once task was forced up the "ToDo" list fast. By getting Da Brat on Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now," The new song quickly got play be making it's way over to YouTube.  (exactly what time we are currently unaware of).

"Well I'm feelin' like a winner 'cause I'm free, I ain't gotta walk around as an inmate/ And I been off the scene for a minute, but I'm back in effect and the fact is I'm great/ Couldn't wait for the parole board to go and gimme a release date," she spits. "Prepare yourself for a So So Def summer," adds J.D. (Rap-Up)

      After her Issue in February, Da B rat gave some hints on her work for the project. "I'm getting some beats sent to me right now from JD," Brat added. "I wasn't really motivated in there to write. I need to be able to hear some fire beats and I need to hear it loud. I got two and a half years of sh*t built up that I need to talk about. I'm ready to get it in. I can't wait." (XXL Mag)