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Jermaine Dupri

JD to sign Daz and 3LW

Posted By on July 24, 2003

Da Brat will probably remain the First Lady of So So Def, but it’s looking like she won’t be the only female on the label’s
testosterone-heavy roster for much longer. Label CEO Jermaine Dupri says he is close to not only inking a deal with Snoop Dogg’s cousin and former Dogg Pound member Daz, he’s also going to be bringing 3LW to his label as well. Dupri said that both Daz and 3LW approached him and he welcomed both acts with open arms. According to Dupri, Daz, who he says has been selling tens of thousands of records independently for the past few years, told him he was ready to start dealing with a major label again.

“He wants to be on So So Def too,” JD explained.
“People want to be with somebody who understands how to make records. I was listening to Snoop’s mixtape one night and Daz was really bussin”.

I always liked Daz from day one. It’s a talent that’s just been sitting there that nobody’s been doing anything with. The independent route is hard. I’m sure he likes doing it, but he wants to be with somebody that’s going to care about him. Just like Roc-A-Fella signing ODB. Be a part of family.”