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Jim Jones Talks Falling Out With Camron

Posted By on March 15, 2010

     Dipset member Jim Jones recently opened up about falling out in the past with fellow Dipset member Cam'ron, saying he is optimistic about reuniting with Cam. Taking to his blog, Jim Jones shared his thoughts on what went down and the current Dipset movement. "I don't think we (me and Cam'ron) actually turned on each other, as opposed to just…we just grew apart from each other," Jones wrote today (March 15). "We would see a lot more discrepancies going on between the two of us. For the most part you don't see anything going on between the two of us. He's doing what he does; I'm doing what I do. Hopefully we can get this Diplomat thing back together, put another album out and sh*t like that and keep it moving. I don't know man, when me and him do get up, trust me, y'all gonna know about it. For the most part everything is pointing in the right direction; I'm open for it. I like big checks, ya heard me?"

Jim Jones – Talks About Cam'ron Falling Out