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Jim Jones Clears Up Detroit Shooting & Fight Rumors

Posted By on March 16, 2009

    Rumors have been going around that Jim Jones was involved in a shooting and possibly beat down recently during a performance in Detroit. Well Jones says that simply isn't true [listen here] and even talked about his feelings of well-known Detroit goon, Trick Trick.

    "Shout-out to Detroit," Jones says [listen here] "Negative. Nah, nah nah [no shooting took place]. What did the news say? Did the news say they was a shooting? Ah man, shout-out to Trick Trick, I hope he get better. Detroit clubs are tricky. They got a lot of problems going on out there." [listen here]

    Trick Tick even debunked the rumors appearing on the "Mojo In The Morning" show in Detroit. "I’m at home," he said. "I ain’t left the house since Saturday." Trick says his moms told him about it, saying "My mother called me this morning and when she found I was OK she ended up calling Channel 4 like, ’stop saying that cause my son’s at home," he said. The rapper also told listeners that his brother was not involved in the shooting.

Jim Jones Talks About Rumored Beat Down In Detroit, Where 2 Men Were Shot