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Jim Jones Talks Cam’ron & Max B In New Diss

Posted By on March 18, 2009

    Jim Jones is finally opening up about his falling out with former friend and current Dipset member Cam'ron and of course his associate Max B in the new song "Frienemies" [listen here] off his upcoming album "Pray IV Reign." The Byrd Gang member holds nothing back rapping "My best partner, grew up to be monsters." [listen here]

    Jones continues "And what happened, the sneaky hatin'/ N*ggas in your ear and the plan deviated/ Snakes in the grass just waitin' for the moment/ N*ggas on your team and they really your opponent…now I'm feeling for the guns every time that I hug him/ I hate him up close but from a distance I can love him." [listen here]

    Jones then goes into a rap about Max B saying "Someone got killed, conspiracy/ And even still, I bailed you outta jail/ Without me you'd be facing an appeal/ But who knew this, you'd be a Judist/ And in the process, flew you 'round the world/ Put diamonds on your neck like you was my lil' girl." [listen here]

    In realted news, in a new documentary put together by Dame Dash and Jim Jones, the rapper talked about Cam'ron and even Jay-Z [watch here]. Make sure you check out a preview of the controversial documentary, [watch here] In further related news, a new Jim Jones video recently hit the net [watch here]. The new video for "Blow The Bank" [watch here] is from his upcoming album "Pray IV Reign" so make sure you [watch here]

Jim Jones, Dame Dash – Taks About Cam'ron, Jay-Z