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Jim Jones Tells Why He Turned Down Reality Show

Posted By on March 25, 2011

     With his girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin's new vh1 reality show "Love & Hip Hop" gaining grownd, Dipset's Jim Jones spoke about why he turned down an opportunity to have his own show. Jim Jones says he felt that being the center of a reality show would expose too much of his life.

"'Love & Hip-Hop' was initially my TV show that [VH1] has been trying to do for about four years now. But for three years prior, they had been trying to get me to do this reality show and they shot a pilot. I wasn't really feeling the pilot, because I felt the camera was too much on me and showing too much of my life as far as Jim Jones is concerned. So we had re-evaluated the situation." (SOHH)

     Jim Jones also said he told VH1 he would be a part of the show if his girlfriend got her own shot.

"My lady had an opportunity to shoot a pilot too, but the pilot she shot kind of fell through and she took interest in the whole reality show thing. So I went over to VH1 and told them if they want me to put my involvement in a TV show, or all of my involvement, they need to do a show behind her and I'll do it. I also said I'd find a way to participate in it to make sure it'll be a success. And that's really how the whole show came together. They went and got Olivia, Emily and the girl Somaya. Then they put them around Chrissy and now you have 'Love & Hip-Hop.' Two episodes in and it's feeling like a sitcom." (SOHH)

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