Jim Jones Talks Ma$e And Possible Pick Up Game

Jim Jones Talks Ma$e And Possible Pick Up Game

    With another comeback from Halem rapper Ma$e, looking less and less likely, Diplomat member Jim Jones recently spoke about reuniting with his former rival, this time for a game of basketball. Jones admits that he hasn't seen Ma$e in a long time but insists that there is no bad blood between them.

"I haven't seen Betha or any sh*t like that," Jones told SOHH referring to Mason "Mase" Betha. "But you know, it would be good to see Betha. Maybe we could go and play basketball with him or something because I ain't seen Betha in a minute. We all came from the same hood, above all. Money sometimes separates the closest of friends but we grown at this point. I ain't got nothing against Betha." (SOHH)

Jim Jones – Talks About Fellow New York Rapper Mase


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