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Jim Jones Says He Is The Diplomats

Posted By on May 28, 2009

    Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones recently talked about his Dipset career and the importance of online marketing and even his recent deal with DJ Webstar. [watch here] "There's no difference man, Diplomats, Jim Jones is all the same thing whether I was with a group or if I was solo, I'd still be here doing this," Jones said in an interview. [watch here] "Shout-outs to everyone in the Diplomats, Juelz [Santana], [Freekey] Zeeky and Cam['ron]. It's been a long road, we put our work in to get to where we're at today. I just did another deal with E1, a duet deal with me and Webstar." [watch here]

    Jones made sure not to miss out on a chance to promote his upcoming projects. "I got the documentary coming out, I did an independent movie, I got a lot of music on the airwaves right now…It's just like any other hustle, it began to change, when crack came, they had to switch it up and learn how to hustle crack, ya dig? Internet is rockin', you better get your hustle together and get your viral sh*t on and poppin'." [watch here]

    In related news, DJ Webstar recently released his video for "Dancing On Me" [watch here]. The new video features Jim Jones and fellow Dipset member Juelz Santana, so make sure you [watch here]

Jim Jones talks Webstar Duet "I Got A Lot Of Music On The Airwaves"