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Jim Jones Backs DJ Webstar

Posted By on June 17, 2009

    Jim Jones continues to be, well Jim Jones. In a new interview he talked about DJ Webstar's rap talent and explained why he chose to do an entire album with the up-and-coming rapper who made the recent hit "Dancin On Me" [listen here]. Talking about DJ Webstar's other hit "Chicken Noodle Soup" [watch here], Jim Jones talked about what drew him towards the young rapper. "Webstar had a smash song on the radio and I kept thinking like, 'D*mn, it's a Harlem thing going on.' I called him up and jumped on the record with him and the song ended up doing things we couldn't imagine," Jones told BET.

    Jones went on to talk about how their collab album came together. "We thought of different ways to make Webstar bigger than he already is. I told him if we did a duet album together, it wouldn't be a discredit to him, it would only help build his brand which in turn will get him more money when he does his solo album…I'm about to take a trip back into the lab and start my infamous recording process that I'm known for, so look forward to that."

DJ Webstar – Chicken Noodle Soup


DJ Webstar, Jim Jones – Dancing On Me