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Jim Jones Talks About Twitter

Posted By on July 22, 2009

    Jim Jones continues to be one of Twitters most active artists but the Dipset member is now questioning the hype behind reaching a million followers, say like Diddy or even actor Ashton Kutcher. [watch here] Jones currently has over 600,000 followers himself and took the time to explain to everyone what he does with his account.
    "Twitter is like a video game to me," Jones said in an interview. [watch here] "It's like a grown a** video game. That's the only thing I would grab my iPhone for, most of the time I'll be on my Blackberry. Twitter is the new sensation. I guess people's standards on Twitter, I'm doing pretty good on it…You never heard me mention how many followers I have, I don't see the need of doing that. They obviously follow you for a reason, if they keep following then eventually you'll get [to a million followers]. Do you get a prize when you get there? Who gives a f*ck? Like, what the f*ck is it? I thought this was building on cross promoting, marketing strategy, media, iPhone or Blackberry is easier to find rather than finding a computer to log on. This is a better way for everybody to get in tune with the motherf*cking digital world. It's definitely a big popularity contest. I've been starting trouble on here sometime. Sometimes I start cursing at n*ggas and sh*t…You don't like me, why the f*ck you got the time to follow me and type to tell me you don't like me motherf*cker?" [watch here]

Jim Jones Talks Twitter & Million Followers