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Joe Budden Talks Soulja Boys Sales (Video)

Posted By on January 6, 2011

      Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden recently opened up about Soulja Boy Tell Em only selling 13,000 copies in its first week and how it will effect his career…

"When he has done so much more than that," Budden asked in an open debate regarding Soulja Boy's 13,400 first-week sales. "Soulja Boy is getting his money from other areas — A recession has something to do with it because every one of these n*ggas drop 70 percent the very next week. I don't think [sales] are any reflection of the music at all. Sales have absolutely nothing to do with music. He's 20-years-old on the Forbes list. What are you talking about right now? Clearly he's not making his money [from album sales]. He's getting his money from elsewhere. But it all starts from the music. I'm lost as to why we're standing around saying, 'D*mn, Soulja Boy sold 13,000 copies.' Soulja Boy is standing somewhere saying, 'Word.' There's nothing to say when you're counting money. Soulja Boy's not mad. His label's not mad. Nobody that has anything to do with Soulja Boy is mad. Trust me. Trust me, nobody involved with Soulja Boy, in his camp, is mad. Nobody. Soulja Boy is a 20 year-old millionaire. Let's really start putting things into perspective here. I can't imagine what that's like." (JumpOff TV)

Joe Budden – Cranks Soulja Boy 13k Sales


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    Just Biz being a Retard. as usual . . . the original Chloraseptic course could be interpreted as line’s backing Joe. . . And I’ll take a hundred of you, hundred of you
    All at once like I had nothin’ to lose, what can I do?…………. its about jumping setting’s. migo’s style how they try and mob and jump everyone. and eminem is spitting in such a way that it is almost like biting migos flows xD . . Joe is golden. . . and hopefully biz can seek some help xD