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Joe Budden Releases Saigon Diss Track

Posted By on January 15, 2009

     Joe Budden has now released "A Letter To Saigon" [listen here] after many interviews going back and forth with the rapper. Joe Budden and Saigon started after Saigon took notice of a reference in Budden's freestyle over the summer. "I ain't really mean nothing by the line. I didn't say it to purposely ruffle his feathers, but yeah, he caught offense to it," Budden says. "He got sensitive over it like a lot of emcees do."

     Saigon blames Budden for trying to create a beef saying "Beef creates attention. The thing about me is I don't bother nobody but because I'm a 'conscious' black rapper, n*ggas pick on me. Joe Budden, I never did anything to this man in my life. Why would you just start up with me."

     In the new track [listen here], Budden attacks Saigon's rap career. Budden also recently was interviewed [watch here] for an All Access dvd in which he states "I dont have any negative feelings towards him" continuing "eventually I will see him and we can discuss it face to face"  [watch here]

Joe Budden – All Access Interview