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Joe Budden Not Intimidated by Eminem, Says Collaboration Possible

Posted By on January 29, 2013

Slaughter House Records emcee, Joe Budden, has reportedly stated that he is not intimidated by Eminem lyrically and collaboration between the two emcees is definitely a possibility. The rapper says that he and Em have eerily similar personalities and that would make a collaboration between the two of them unique.

In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Budden admitted that he would like to see a collaboration between him and the Shady Records CEO.

“It’s possible,” said Budden, in regards to working with Eminem. “We haven’t done solely a him and I record. We haven’t done that. We’ve been in the studio together, but we haven’t recorded. And I mean the one time that I had a record where I thought it would make sense for the both of us to do, he was really heavy into his album. I didn’t want to interrupt that.”

When Budden was asked, directly, if he was intimated by the lyrical prowess of Eminem, he responded with a resounding no.

“Eerily similar. I agree with that,” Budden shared when the topic of the two rappers personalities was brought up. “That’s why I think the record would be different and it would make so much sense more than people actually know.”

The Slaughter House Rapper is in the process of gearing up for the release of his new album No Love Lost which is due out on February 5th.

  • EnhanceTheDark

    Just Biz being a Retard. as usual . . . the original Chloraseptic course could be interpreted as line’s backing Joe. . . And I’ll take a hundred of you, hundred of you
    All at once like I had nothin’ to lose, what can I do?…………. its about jumping setting’s. migo’s style how they try and mob and jump everyone. and eminem is spitting in such a way that it is almost like biting migos flows xD . . Joe is golden. . . and hopefully biz can seek some help xD