Joe Budden Is Prepared To Battle Against Hollow Da Don

Joe Budden Is Prepared To Battle Against Hollow Da Don

Joe Budden (1/4 of Slaughterhouse) has taken to his instagram and Twitter to address battle rapper Hollow Da Don. Budden held nothing back, posting the following picture with the caption” “Niggas always think they want a problem tip they get it,” :


Once Joey’s picture started circulating, people began weighing in on the thought of the two MC’s going at in a rap battle. Fellow MC JC tweeted at Joe Budden to stop talking and start taking action:


To which Budden confirmed the battle will, in fact, take place. Just as soon as the business side of things is taken care of.


A few days ago, news broke that Slaughterhouse was putting together a reality show circling in on the battle rap circuit. The show will serve as a platform for a battle rap tournament, featuring some of the dopiest battle rappers out.Read more about “The Road To Total SlaughterHERE.


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  • bludrunkdriver

    @Joe Budden. This is what I’m talking about. Bring true battle rap back. Monitor the excessive dick riding in the crowd and kick loud ass idiots that fuck shit up yelling and going crazy for nothing. Don’t let too many immediate members of the entourage too close to the cypher that shit is corny. Limit it to 3 to 5. These internet battles get boring not only due to lack of official battle rappers but unorganized battles where people stay yelling and you miss a punch or delivery. It’s alright to switch judges but be selective not everyone in hip hop can judge. And try too keep at least one solid steady judge as a final vote. Just some suggestions even though no one will read this. Buhaaaa!!!! (Jadakiss voice)

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