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Joe Budden Responds To Method Man & Busta

Posted By on June 4, 2009

    Joe Budden has always been one to give his opinion and in a new interview with MissInfo, Joe says thats exactly what he was doing when he gave his "Best Rapper Alive" rant. "Everybody took offense," Joe said in an interview. [watch here] "If a n*gga get offended at me for having an opinion, suck a d*ck…I have faith in my pen game and that's how it should be. If you're a rapper, I can't see how you couldn't have the same attitude…I enjoy being the bad guy in case people haven't noticed. I could give a f*ck. I could give less than a f*ck because I enjoy it. I don't care that n*ggas is mad, I don't care that n*ggas is in an uproar." [watch here]

    Budden continued saying "I'm attacking you? There's nobody else that's popping? I could go diss Kanye West like all these other rap n*ggas be trying to do, I could go diss Jim Jones. I could diss Rick Ross, n*ggas that are active and very very relevant today…Once you go on the air and say he should be smacked for that, by who, exactly? I have a response to him, but my response gets under people's skin. When I talk, it bothers people." [watch here]

Joe Budden – Replies To Method Man & Busta Rhymes