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Joe Budden’s Girl Launches Her Own TV Series

Posted By on June 22, 2009

    After a lot of success with his online television series, Joe Budden's girlfriend has decided to launch her own series. [watch here] Tahiry, a recent King Magazine cover girl, says that her new series will give people an in-depth look into her personal life. "Hey everybody, this is Tahiry and welcome to my world, TahiryTV.com" she said upon announcing her new site. [watch here] "Finally here, I mean, it took forever but I was just trying to get it right. Between having the cover of a magazine, having a full time job and being a full time girlfriend to Joe Budden, who I love to death, um, my life has been pretty hectic. But I'm very blessed and I want to thank all my fans." [watch here]

    Tahiry goes on to thank everyone and talk about her upcoming plans "Thank-you to all my Twitters, follow me. Thank-you to all my MySpace buddies, FaceBook buddies, thanks to everybody that made this possible. On my site you'll be able to find photo galleries, the store where you can purchase my posters, my calendar for 2010, which I'm shooting, um, right now. You'll be able to find my upcoming events, you'll be able to leave me any comments, ask me any questions. It's a blog site where I'll be talking about fashion, who's who, news, how I'm feeling, what I'm seeing…Strap on tight and enjoy the ride, welcome." [watch here]

Joe Buddens Girlfriend – Launches TahiryTV

  • EnhanceTheDark

    Just Biz being a Retard. as usual . . . the original Chloraseptic course could be interpreted as line’s backing Joe. . . And I’ll take a hundred of you, hundred of you
    All at once like I had nothin’ to lose, what can I do?…………. its about jumping setting’s. migo’s style how they try and mob and jump everyone. and eminem is spitting in such a way that it is almost like biting migos flows xD . . Joe is golden. . . and hopefully biz can seek some help xD