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Joe Budden

Joe Budden Apologizes With A Warning

Posted By on July 20, 2009

     Joe Budden has broken his "no comment" rule and decided to bury the hatchet dealing with his past Method Man rap challenge and even warned all involved to let it go. [watch hereJoe Says hes moving on past the beef and focussing on the Rock The Bells tour but don't get it wrong, he's still ready for anyone who calls him out. 

     "I really am sorry for the Method Man initial move," Joey said in a video. [watch here] "When I say I'm apologizing, it's because Joe Budden is truly sorry for something Joe Budden did and it was in bad taste. Now, because there's been a lot of other parties being involved, a lot of parties that don't really have anything to do with it, like they're just in it because of association…From this point forward, if any one of them n*ggas say something to me, that I do not like, or any one of them n*ggas say my name in a negative light, the peace treaty is f*cking over and the 'No Comment' movement is over…Anybody else, associated with that n*gga, affiliated or feel my name should roll outta their f*cking mouth…do it from this point on, and there won't be nothing Royce [Da 5'9], Crooked [I] can do to stop what I'm doing…Everybody loves Wu-Tang, but the same way the young n*ggas respect the older n*ggas, the older n*ggas are gonna have to start respecting the younger n*ggas. That's what's gonna have to start happening." [watch here]

Joe Budden Apologizes With A Warning


  • EnhanceTheDark

    Just Biz being a Retard. as usual . . . the original Chloraseptic course could be interpreted as line’s backing Joe. . . And I’ll take a hundred of you, hundred of you
    All at once like I had nothin’ to lose, what can I do?…………. its about jumping setting’s. migo’s style how they try and mob and jump everyone. and eminem is spitting in such a way that it is almost like biting migos flows xD . . Joe is golden. . . and hopefully biz can seek some help xD