Joe Budden Talks Mood Muzik 4 (Video)

Joe Budden Talks Mood Muzik 4 (Video)

     Slaughterhouse's own Joe Budden recently released his new "Mood Muzik 4" mixtape slash album and now the New Jersey rapper is talking about tracks on it. Check out a part of his recent interview with MTV and the entire thing on video below!

On “Black Cloud”:

It’s probably the darkest record on Mood Muzik 4. However, the whole song is about being happy. So it was a weird twist. It was definitely new for me, conceptually, to try to pull that off, but I think I was successful in doing that. The record was a Dear John to exactly what is happening in the now.

On “Remember The Titans”:

“Remember The Titans” is one of my favorites, not so much because of the actual record, but because there’s so many different backstories. Like, me and Banks beefed all these years ago, and he’s on the record. Me and Royce beefed. Fab kind of ushered me into the game through mixtapes, and then there’s the whole me, Fab and Tahiry love triangle. There’s so many underlines that that record is just ill to me.

Joe Budden – Talks Details Of Mood Muzik 4



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