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Joe Budden Talks Collab With Saigon (Video)

Posted By on December 17, 2010

     Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden stopped by MTV's RapFixLive yesterday (December 16th) where he spoke with host Sway about fellow rapper Saigon's upcoming new album, "Greatest Story Never Told." Budden agreed to collaborate with his former rival on the new "Bring Me Down" track.

"Absolutely," Joe Budden said. "Anytime. 'Bring Me Down,' I love that record."

     MTV later caught up with Saigon after he heard Budden agreed to the collaboration.

"I always thought Joe was dope, even when we were going through our little thing," Saigon said, via phone. "I always thought he was one of the more talented MCs. I look at it like you'd rather have a good guy on your team than play against them. I'm sure Dwayne Wade is happy he could pass the ball to LeBron now, instead of trying to have to block one of those thunderous dunks. The timing is perfect."

Joe Budden – Talks About Collaboration With Saigon