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Juelz Santana

Juelz Says Hes Going To Get Lil Wayne Out

Posted By on March 19, 2010

     Juelz Santana recently talked to G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid about Lil Wayne and his current incarceration. Juelz tells Whoo Kid that he is trying to protect Lil Wayne while he is at Rikers Island. "Wayne is like my brother, that's my dude," Santana said in an interview. "I stay in contact with him pretty much every so often. Yeah, he's locked up in New York — we gonna set the homie out. That's all I'm gonna say, we gonna set the homie out. We gonna make sure the homie right. I promise you, I'm gonna set the homie out. This is our city, you know we got a lot of people around the area so we gotta make sure the homie's good. [The inmates], they love Weezy but you got idiots everywhere you go. It's just like going to a club, there's always on idiot. That's what I'm saying and they always think it's us [causing problems.]"


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