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Juelz Says Lil Wayne Collab Album Is Done

Posted By on June 23, 2009

    Although Juelz and Wayne announced a collaboration album close to three years ago, not much has been said about it since. Now Juelz Santana says not only is the album is done, they might have to release it independently. [watch here] "The sh*t with me and Weezy, bottom line is we still got records done, a bunch of records," Santana explained in an interview. [watch here]    
    "We did a lot of records, a lot of politics and bullsh*t promotin' the album, promotin' the album. His album came out and he wound up going through the roof with everything so it's still a lot of politics. Couple records got leaked a few weeks ago, that just goes to show people we been had records already, those were like a year and a half old. We got about 25 records just sitting in the computer. Hopefully, we can put the album out the right way through a major label but if not, f*ck it, we gonna give the streets what they want. The music is done. So they gonna get it one way or another because it's not like we gotta go in the studio and record." [watch here]

Juelz Santana Talks Lil Wayne Collaboration Album