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Juelz On Jay-Z – That Was A “Sucker Move”

Posted By on June 30, 2009

    After the BET Awards on Sunday, rumors started that Jay-Z refused to perform if Chris Brown also hit the stage and now rappers are reacting. Skull Gang leader Juelz Santana weighed in on the situation "i take nothin away from Jay-Z," he wrote on his Twitter. [watch here] "i dont wanna sound like a Hater but his swagger was on Zero yesterday. & i just heard thru the grape vine that Jay-Z said he would not Perform if Chris Brown was gonna perform.. SMH Sucker Move I woulda rather seen Chris Brown come out & do his tribute to [Michael Jackson]. It woulda been the 1st time he Performed since ? I know he woulda Killed it."

     Juelz went on to further bath Jigga. "ok Tweople. Yall do the Math. MJ just died the show as a Tribute to MJ. so not only does he say he down want chris to perform & do what would of been probably the best MJ tribute, but he coulda atleast did H-to tha IZOO cuz it has the MJ beat and Put MJ's name in it." [watch here]

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