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Juelz Santana

Juelz Tells The Problems With Todays Rappers

Posted By on October 20, 2009

    Juelz Santana recently talked about other rappers that believe they can create buzz just off of the internet. The Dipset member said that theses rappers are even losing confidence in their music, trying to become successful off a strong single. "I've just been paying attention to the game, watching the changes, watching the things that are going on," Santana explained in an interview. "The Internet, I think is a beautiful thing. But like I tell people, life is a negative and a positive in itself and everything has a negative and a positive so just as much as we get to use it for free promotion." [Juelz Santana Says Rappers Need To Step Up Their Promo Game – Watch Here]

    Juelz continues "Sometimes it comes out negative, ya dig, but you got to take everything as it comes. I definitely feel the believing is not there no more, it definitely turned into a single game. People not really putting the work ethic in. It's like a lot of people want the first week results of a million records but it takes a lot to get that and it's not just dropping one single, you got to beat these people up for a minute, you gotta show 'em who you are. You know, show 'em that energy, they wanna feel you as a person." [Juelz Santana Says Rappers Try To Build Hype With A Single – Watch Here]

Juelz Santana – Says Rappers Need To Step Up Your Promo