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Rapper Juelz Santana Says He’s Grateful to Cam’ron For Boostng His Career

Posted By on February 13, 2013

Juelz Santana openly discusses his break with Diplomat Records and his gratitude to Cam’ron for the work he did in jumpstarting his career.

Harlem Native, Juelz Satana is no longer under contract with Diplomat Records, yet in an interview with Vlad TV, the former Dip Set artist revealed his loyalty to Cam’ron for the role he played in jump starting his career. Juelz says that he still has a great deal of respect for Cam’ron and that he played a major part in him being where he is today in the rap game. He revealed that although there were things that didn’t come to fruition at the end, he is still grateful.

“Yeah, I been out of my deal with Cam for about two years now. One thing I respect is Cam brought me to the water,” Juelz explained. “A lot of things ain’t transpire, but at the end of the day I come from nothing. I’m able to eat…Just him giving me that I would never – I gotta be so grateful for that. Things could have went better in other areas cause I was so loyal…He blueprinted that building, but I placed them bricks in there.”

After discussing his thankfulness towards Cam’ron, he continued on.

“I was actually in a group with my partner Malik,” said the rapper. “We had a group called Draft Pick. One day, make a long story short, this guy comes through in the 600 on my block. Calls me out the window, calls my mother. He look out the window, ‘Yo tell Juelz come down I got Cam in the car.’ He got Cam in the car. I come downstairs Cam’s in the car sleeping…I just start rapping. It was kinda history from there.”