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Talib Kweli Talks Watch The Throne (Video)

Posted By on February 2, 2011

     Talib Kweli recently spoke The Source about Kanye West and Jay-Z's upcoming "Watch The Throne" album. Kweli says that the project will live up to the hype it has been getting…

"I heard a lot of that album and it's f*cking dope," Kweli promised in an interview referring to Jay-Z and Kanye West's upcoming Watch the Throne album. "I mean, when Kanye played me that 'H.A.M.' record, to me, I like that record. I seen a lot of criticism about that record. It came under a lot of criticism…Kanye's an overwhelming presence — that song came out of nowhere as opposed to a follow-up of his great album. I think there'd be less criticism. People would appreciate it. It's a trending record. It fits right with what's happening in music and hip-hop and radio right now. And I think their fans are criticizing it want Kanye not to do something so extreme." (The Source)

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