Kanye Confirms New Louis Vuitton Shoe

Kanye Confirms New Louis Vuitton Shoe

    Kanye gave a sneak peak of his new Louis Vuitton sneakers to the paparazzi recently. Kanye was spotted leaving a Louis Vuitton store by TMZ cameras and said "I was just showing them my new Louis. I can't show you too much of that, though. These aren't coming out until June." [watch here] Kanye already has a rumored shoe coming out through Nike.

    Kanye also commented on his infamous incident with the paparazzi at the LAX airport saying "That airport thing didn't really happen," he jokingly confessed. "It was an optical allusion. That didn't really happen." [watch here] Kanye says he will be focusing on "clothes" in 2009. As previously reported, Kanye stated he plans to step away from music to become a fashion intern.

Kanye West – Talks New Shoes, Plans For 2009


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