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Kanye West Goes After Company For Using His Face For ‘Coinye West’ Virtual Money

Posted By on January 14, 2014

Yesterday Kanye West allegedly attacked an 18 year old guy at a doctors office and today he is going after a company who is using his face on virtual currency called Coinye West. The only problem with the legal war is that Ye isn’t sure who is behind the virtual currency.

According to reports, Kanye filed legal documents in New York to try and get a judge to completely shut down the marketing and sales of the Coinye.

“West filed legal docs in NY trying to get a judge to force the people behind Coinye to immediately SHUT DOWN the marketing and sale of the virtual currency, which can be used to buy goods and services through various online merchants. “ (TMZ) 

The one problem with the whole dispute is that Kanye is having trouble finding out who is behind the currency.

But Kanye’s facing a huge problem — ’cause with one exception, the people behind the companies are hiding their identities through various online privacy services … and Kanye can’t crack ’em. (TMZ)  

Kanye is having trouble finding exactly who the people are using the currency, but he has decided to go after Amazon.com for hosting the site.

 However, Kanye has added Amazon.com to the list of defendants because he believes Amazon  provides web hosting services to the websites behind Coinye, and Amazon has failed to pull the plug on those sites. (TMZ) 

UPDATE: Kanye’s lawsuit against Coinye has come to an end and the site has been shut down>

After Kanye West filed a lawsuit Tuesday (January 14) to stop production of the satirically titled “Coinye West” virtual currency, the seven anonymous coders behind the product decided that the buck stopped there — they shuttered their website, throwing up the simple message: “COINYE IS DEAD. You win, Kanye.” The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court, said that the creators of the currency “brazenly admit” that they used Ye’s name and image to promote their product, according to USA Today. The original version of the coin featured Kanye’s face adorned by his famous shutter shades. (MTV)

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