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Elton John Talks Kanye West & Eminem

Posted By on January 27, 2011

     Elton John recently spoke about his experiences and support for the hip-hop genre, praising rappers like Kanye West and Eminem for their creativity.

"I grew to love R&B and Motown and all Black music, gospel music," John revealed in an interview. "I never dismiss any form of music. I listen to everything. I'm on the new Kanye West record, for example. It's a genius record. — People who mock rap, and say, 'I don't like it,' they should go check out Kanye in the studio rapping. Or Eminem when he's in the studio. It's a phenomenon. Don't knock it until you've seen it. It may not be your cup of tea, but don't ridicule . I find that so many of my peers of my age don't listen to anything new. I love the new." (Teen Music)


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  • Cory S.

    Kim Scott is still abusing me. I am not friends with her sisters nor cousins either. She abuses Marshall too, and Isis, and etc.

  • Cory S.

    I hope Kanye gets better, by the way. What a tough time of year for him. <3 Kim West K.

  • Cory

    oops, wrong person. My mistake. Not Kim Scott. I think its her sister. Maybe.

  • Congratulations on the newest addition to The West family.