Why Wasn’t Kanye At The Grammys?

Why Wasn’t Kanye At The Grammys?

     Despite being featured on "Forever," Kanye West was strangely absent from the performance (which included Lil Wayne, Eminem and Drake), not to mention there were five songs he was featured on nominated for awards. So why wasn't Kanye at the awards? Earlier this week, Drake said Kanye wouldn't be there because he might be working on his new project while Travis Barker told MTV the basically the same thing. Many theories are going around including that Kanye was upset his "808s & Heartbreak" album was not nominated or The Grammy's didn't want another VMA incident. So what exactly was the issue? Maybe Kanye will tell us on his blog.

     In related news, Kanye (and his girlfriend Amber Rose) spent last week in Paris for fashion week. The high-profile couple made headlines with their own fashion (especially Amber Rose who wore things like a mesh shirt over a nude colored bodysuit or a space alien like stretchy, gold hooded gown).

Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake – 'Forever' (at Grammy Awards)
, Minus Kanye West



BABES – Amber Rose (Kanye's Girlfriend) "American Rebel" Photo Shoot With Persona Magazine



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