Kanye West Punches Jay Leno Out

Kanye West Punches Jay Leno Out

     As everyone knows, Kanye West went on the Jay Leno show back in September to apologize and last night (January 9th), during Jay Leno's final (thank god) broadcast, Leno showed "deleted footage" from the interview. "On our very first show, I'm gonna show you the unedited version of my interview with Kanye West," Leno said during the telecast before cutting to a spoofed video.

     In the footage, Kanye West is shown standing up, walking over to Jay Leno and punching him out after he is asked a question about his mothers thoughts on his actions. Later, Donald Trump appeared to tell Leno "You're Fired."

Kanye West vs Jay Leno – Spoof On Interview



Kanye West – Apologizes On Jay Leno


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