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Kanye’s Director Talks About Coldest Winter

Posted By on February 25, 2010

     Kanye West and director Nabil Elderkin agreed on one thing when they set out to make his new "Coldest Winter" music video…leaving Kanye out of the clip. The new video basically shows a woman in white running through a dark, wintery forest that is filled with scary grim reaper-like characters. "You know what, the funny thing is, he didn't want to be in it," Elderkin says. "I wasn't even gonna put him in it. He didn't want to be in 'Paranoid,' to be honest. There was more Kanye in 'Paranoid' [originally], and I took him out. He's just cool right now with putting out visuals that fit the song without having to be in it. I think he's in that place in his life where right now he just wants to make art."

     Kanye's director finished by saying "Sometimes I don't want to get too literal with videos, like, 'This is what this is suppose to mean, and that's what that is suppose to mean,' " he said. "I wanted to leave it open to interpretation. I want people to get whatever they want out of it."

Kanye West – Coldest Winter