Kanye Battles With Cleveland Jr For Same Girl

Kanye Battles With Cleveland Jr For Same Girl

      Actress Reagen Gomez, from the "Cleveland Show," recently revealed more details about Kanye West's upcoming comeo on the show saying the rapper will be involved in a rap battle. According to Gomez, Kanye West will be a part of one of the shows main story lines. "[Kanye's character] has a girlfriend who's played by Taraji [P. Henson] and Cleveland [Jr.] is in love with his girlfriend," Gomez said in an interview. "So they're kind of at odds and at the end of the show they have a rap-off, a rap battle. Everybody thinks Kanye is gonna murder Cleveland Jr. 'cause he's the sensitive one in the family and he never really says too much, but Cleveland Jr. kinda put a whooping on that a**. You have to wait and see but it's really, really funny."

Kanye West On "The Cleveland Show"

The Cleveland Show – Kanye West Episode (Trailer)


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